22" MaksMaster-M (6 Strip) for Makita Batteries

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Wireless mini lamp MaksMaster-M G2 (6 LED) is designed for repairing dents without painting. The luminaire body is made of durable embossed plastic, with stiffening ribs and ventilation holes. A C-shaped rubber profile is glued along the perimeter of the case, which protects the product from mechanical damage and prevents damage to the paintwork of the car in contact with the product. Inside the case there is a LED strip, elements of the power supply system and electronic control. On the back of the body there is an ON / OFF key switch and a locking element for attaching the body to the flexible DNE - Lock connection.

The diffuser of the luminaire is made of shock-resistant lighting technology with a matte anti-reflective surface and a high degree of light transmission. Also on the diffuser there are control buttons and decorative elements. The luminaire is powered by a 14.4-18V lithium-ion battery (Makita), which is connected to a special power adapter with a lock for fixing the battery and electrical contacts. Also on the adapter case there is a USB output for recharging electrical devices and gadgets. The luminaire body and the power adapter are attached to a flexible DNE-Lock connection with an adjustable clamp, which allows you to fix and adjust the position of the luminaire body at different angles to the plane of the car body parts. The product is attached to the surface using a vacuum suction cup with a mechanical pump. The diameter of the suction cup bowl is 120 mm.

6 LED CW - CW - CW

Body dimensions (LxH): 56x25 cm

Working area dimensions (LxH): 47x23 cm

Supply voltage: - 10.5-12V

Power (max): - 16W

Current (max): - 1.5A

USB output: - 5V, 2A

Power source: Makita Li - ion  battery (recommended battery model - BL1850B);

Luminous flux: warm white  - 850 lm / m, cold white - 1220 lm / m

Net weight: - 1.4 ± 0.1 kg

Gross weight: - 2.2 ± 0.1 kg

Package dimensions: - 71x32x9 cm

Warranty period of operation - 6 months