Keco Ice Smooth Centipede Rigid Variety

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  • Centipede Variety Pack Ice Rigid Smooth Crease Glue Tabs
  • The KECO Centipede Crease tabs are a highly versatile glue tab that permits the technician to work large dent in small increments. Techs have the ability to carefully pull stubborn creases with inflect peaks and valleys created by lines of smaller crease or hail tabs. The articulated design of the Centipede permits flexibility to match gentle contours or adhere to deep dents. Flex style Centipedes can be trimmed to any length. Available adapters allow Centipedes to be pulled with the KECO K-Bar, K-Beam, industry standard slide hammers, mini-lifters, and even a rope ratchet and chains.
  • Thick Rigid Base - best for sharp, deep creases with little body contours; the most solid and rigid of the Centipede crease tabs
  • Thin Rigid Base - thinner surfacer area allows a little more base flex to pull the centre
  • Rigid Spine - offers increased strength for deep dents
Length 6" / 150 mm
Face Smooth
Shape Crease
Material Keco Ice